Code Libraries


Chipmunk-js is a port of the Chipmunk Physics library to JavaScript. Chipmunk-js is a simple, lightweight, fast and portable 2D rigid body physics.


Matter.js is a JavaScript physics engine with support for a wide array of features: physical properties (mass, area, density etc.), rigid bodies of any convex polygon, restitution (elastic and inelastic collisions), conservation of momentum, friction and resistance, constraints, composite bodies, sleeping and static bodies, collisions, time scaling, canvas renderer, WebGL renderer (requires pixi.js) and much more.


box2dweb is a physics engine ported from Box2dFlash which, itself, was a port of the original Box2D.


A modular, extendable, and easy-to-use physics engine for JavaScript. The simulation engine works with any type of visual representation: DOM, canvas, etc.


Three.js is a cross-browser JavaScript library/API used to create,  display and animate GPU-accelerated 3D computer graphics. Three.js uses WebGL.