Code Libraries: Audio


Lissajous is a tool for real time audio performance using Javascript. It wraps succinct tools for creating oscillators and samplers into a chainable API, allowing performers to build and improvise songs with a minimum of code. Lissajous exists entirely within the Javascript console & was designed for use with Google Chrome or Firefox.


The WebMidi JavaScript library will help you tame the lower-lever HTML5 Web MIDI API. It will let you send and receive MIDI messages with ease, control instruments with user-friendly functions (playNote, sendPitchBend, etc.) and react to MIDI input with simple event listeners (noteon, pitchbend, controlchange, etc.).


Tone.js is an extensive Web Audio framework to create interactive music. It offers features like transport and timing, prebuilt synths/effects and DSP modules to build your own synthesizers, effects, and complex control signals.


This Node.js module abstracts the command-line usage of SoX so you can create complex SoX commands and run them with ease. For example, you will be able to play concatenate and trim audio files, transcode audio streams, apply a wide variety of effects, etc.


Pedalboard.js is an open source JavaScript framework for developing audio effects and applying them to sound sources targeted particularly at guitar effects. You can bring multiple pedals together to create a pedal board and easily adjust their settings and routing.